Peace Amidst Life’s Violent Storms

“How in the world can He be sleeping so peacefully in the midst of such a violent storm?” Peace?

Right in the middle of the lake was a small ship being violently tossed by angry waves propelled by unforgiving winds with gusts over 125 miles an hour. The sky was dark and foreboding, somehow reflecting the macabre destiny awaiting the apprehensive men on board.

They had been rowing and toiling with resilience, probably for hours, trying to steady their ship to prevent it from being plunged deep into the entrails of the hungry lake.

Some of the men had been relentlessly engaged in scooping out water flowing into the vessel, but were now getting overwhelmed. It was quickly filling up.

Their most diligent effort was no match for Mother Nature, who seemed bent on imposing an abrupt expiration to their young lives and fledging ministries.

The hope for survival that was initially strong and unwavering, was finally waning, giving way to trepidation and hysteria. They couldn’t take it any longer.

Added to the weariness and frustration, was a subtle anger and bitterness, engendered by the voice of an invisible enemy who had not only been a highly-entertained observer, but was also the main orchestrator and brain behind the course of events at hand.

The possibility of death, which came as a delusional twist of the mind from the beginning, had suddenly materialized into an imminent reality.

“How in the world can someone be sleeping so peacefully in the midst of such a violent storm?”

They wondered among themselves.

“Either he doesn’t care and secretly wants us dead, or there is something desperately warped with his ability to distinguish between chaos and serenity.”

They concluded.

Whatever the case, the twelve disciples of Jesus were not ready to go to heaven on that fateful day.

The Master seemed totally oblivious of the fact that their lives, including His, were at the very fringes of eternity. It’s got to be now or never!

They swallowed their pride, summoned the courage and confronted Him head on.

And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?

Mark 4:38

They had quickly forgotten that it was the Lord Himself that had instructed them to “pass over to the other side” just a few verses earlier.

And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.

Mark 4:35

He did not instruct them to drown and die on their way to the other side. He knew what He had said and that certainly explains why He remained totally unperturbed by the violence of the storm.

He knew that regardless of what transpired after He had made the declaration, they were going to arrive on the other side just in time for dinner. They were not going to be delayed and they were not going to miss out on anything whatsoever.

When the Lord gives you assurance about anything, or gives you an instruction, a word, a promise or a prophecy about anything, you can bet your life on it because it will certainly come to pass if you believe it.

Let’s scroll back a little and take another look at the God we are talking about. Our God is the one and only true God. He is the Most High God who created and sustains the entire universe with His Word.

All the stars, the galaxies and the Milky Ways; all the planets; known and unknown, all the majestic mountains, the vast oceans and seas, all the birds, animals and vegetation; all things created; visible and invisible, were created by His words.

In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.

John 1:1-2

God’s words are so powerful that they have a Spirit, a Life and personality of their own. They are actually alive, like a living being.


Jesus declared:

The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.

John 6:37

The Bible says in Hebrews:For the word of the Lord is alive and active. Sharper than a double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

So when God tells a paralytic to “get up and walk”, the words spoken permeate his body, strengthen every deformed bone, heal every atrophied muscle, and restore comprehensive ability for complete functionality.

The man who believes on the words spoken and takes a step of faith, activates the inherent power in the words; causing what was spoken to happen in the physical realm.

On the other hand, the man who doubts what is spoken, misses the opportunity for a miracle although everything needed to bring it into manifestation had already been released.

This is so because a doubtful person will never take a step of faith, but will sit still, arguing and trying to figure out the possibility and rationale of something intangible coming into physical existence just because “words” were uttered.

As seen in the aforementioned verse, the Word actually judges the thoughts and attitude of the heart.

When the word of God searches your heart and notices that you truly believe, and are in total alignment with what is spoken, it releases the power which causes what is spoken to manifest in the physical realm.

When you take a step of faith at that point, you definitely have a miracle.Even the dead, plants and animals respond to the power of the Word of God.

He commanded the ravens to feed Elijah with bread and flesh during the famine in Israel and they did.

1Kings 17:2-16

He cursed the unfruitful fig tree and it listened, cut off all nourishment, dried up from the roots and died.

Mark 11:20-21

He told Lazarus who had died and had been buried for four days “Lazarus come forth!”

The word that was spoken restored the putrefying body of Lazarus, pulled his spirit back into it, healed him instantly and completely of whatever disease it is that had killed him, and brought him back to life in perfect health. Then Jesus said loose him and let him go.

John 11:43-44

I command every good thing in your life that has been subjected to a premature death to come back to life in Jesus name!

Jesus told Peter to “come” when He was walking on water. Peter believed the word, jumped into the tumultuous sea and walked towards Jesus!What happened?

When Jesus said “come”, His word invisibly permeated Peter’s physical body and gave him supernatural buoyancy; making it impossible for him to sink.

Peter would never have discovered the supernatural ability given to him at that instant by the word Jesus had spoken, had he not believed and taken a step of faith.

When a step of faith is initiated by a truly believing heart, the impossible becomes possible and the invisible becomes visible.

So back to our story. Jesus slept peacefully in the midst of the storm because He knew that they were going to make it across anyway since He had said so.

The disciples had gotten distressed, depressed, discouraged and afraid because they had shifted their focus from what God had spoken and instead zoomed in on the storm.

At the end of the day, Jesus woke up, rebuked the storm and there was a great calm – as if there was never a storm!

May every demonic tempest in your life be stilled in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
You shall not drown, but shall arrive at your God-given destiny. In the name of Jesus.

Satan and his demons thought that they had a unique opportunity to annihilate Jesus and His followers with one strike, but I am convinced that Jesus allowed the situation to unravel because He wanted to teach the disciples a valuable lesson.

To Trust in the Word that God has given to you no matter what. Believe that God will fulfill His promises regardless of the magnitude of any storm you may be going through. Do not allow yourself to be distressed and paralyzed with paranoia when the storms of life hit, but rest peacefully and confidently on God’s ability and faithfulness to take care of His own.

The Apostle Peter learned this powerful lesson as evidenced by an incident which later occurred in his life.

He was arrested, imprisoned and slated for execution by Herod. This was a dire situation because Herod had just killed Apostle James a few days before, and zealous to please the Jewish leaders even more, determined to publicly execute Peter.

The church, appalled , decided to engage in fervent prayers night and day for Peter’s deliverance. The brethren could not afford to lose another anointed leader due to the tyranny of a Roman Emperor.

Guess what Peter did on the night prior to the execution… Enjoyed a sumptuous last meal? Nope. Fasted and prayed in tongues all night long? Nope. Crying and begging the gruff and unyielding Roman guards to have mercy and let him escape? No way!

What did he do? He slept. He slept so peacefully and so profoundly that the angel God had sent to deliver him had a little difficulty waking him up. He had to “strike him” to wake him up.

Even after being miraculously delivered out of the prison, it took Peter a few minutes to finally wake up and realize that he was not having a dream or vision. Wow!

Acts 12:1-19.

How could Peter possibly sleep so peacefully when his life was at the very brink of eternity? He learnt it from His Master.

Moreover, Jesus had told him;

Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were younger, you dressed yourself and walked where you desired; but when you shall be old, you will stretch forth your hands, and another will dress you and will bring you where you do not desire.”

John 21:18

In the midst of an imminent threat to his life, Peter rested peacefully and confidently on the words of his Lord. He knew that he would live until a good old age because God had said so. As such, he was neither moved by Herod’s threats or preparations to kill him. Now, this is the true definition of faith.

Are you resting peacefully in the midst of life’s storm, confidently holding onto the promises and faithfulness of your Heavenly Father, or are you running around, frantically knocking on every door, calling everybody, shouting and complaining about your situation to everyone who will listen?

Do you take time to thank and praise Him regardless of an imminent or current storm, or are you getting bitter, angry and skeptical about His goodness?

Do you stand firm in righteousness as a token of your faith or do you compromise with sin in your effort to seek respite from the storm?It may be time for you to readjust your perspective and realign yourself with the words that God had given to you.

I pray for God’s peace to overflow in your heart, in your spirit and in your soul.

I pray that your faith will be strengthened and established.

I silence the voice of the enemy inciting fear and doubt in your mind.

I declare that it is well with you in Jesus name.

I liberate you from every oppression of the enemy in Jesus name.

I speak life, healing and restoration over you in Jesus mighty name. And every body said…

Stay blessed

Pastor Pekints

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