About This Blog

ReviveFire is the place for you to catch the fire of revival and be motivated to spill it wherever you are.

Our mission is to bring you into a personal, authentic, tangible and powerful encounter with God that will initiate a major paradigm shift in your life to propel you into the divine realm where the

supernatural becomes natural. A realm of miracles, signs and wonders for which you have been destined.

Our goal is essentially to bring you into an intimate connection with the love, glory and power of God for dominion in every dimension of your life and for service.

The holy Presence of God will utterly destroy everything that has been holding you back from being whom He has called you to be.

It will utterly annihilate

every force that has been put in place to ensure that you never arrive at that place, and occupy the position which God has given to you.

It is the last days and you will not be successful in fulfilling your God-given mission without an overwhelming dose of the power and glory of God.

We provide daily scripture from the Holy Bible to facilitate meditation on the love of God which brings spiritual, physical and mental healing.

Jesus Christ is real, the love of God is real, the Bible is true, and the church of God is marching on to victory.

Welcome and please free to subscribe and share so that we can embark on this exciting journey to gloryland together.